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How to Throw a Virtual Party

How to Throw a Virtual Party


With social distancing in place, and a full-on potential lockdown around the corner, it has become next to impossible to do a lot of things, including see friends, fam, and loved ones. But even though you can’t see these people in the flesh, it’s still important to stay connected – otherwise I think we can all agree we would lose our minds – and cabin fever would kick into overdrive. It’s also crucial to check in with people at a time like this, especially as so many people are completely alone.

During this time, our goal is it to stay positive and feel uplifted in whatever way we can, all while following the guidelines and restrictions Public Health has advised. I don’t know about you guys, but for us, what keeps us positive is good company, paired with some games, music, a good bevy and just letting the good times roll! Basically, we’re trying to have fun like we always do, just modifying our approach to fit with the times. With that in mind, we’ve hopped on the virtual party bandwagon. We did some research, experienced some trial and error and think we have a really good handle on what works best. So we put together a fool-proof guide to throwing the best virtual party of all-time. Buckle up.

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